Tour spotlight: Wild West 6 Day Tour


Ireland’s Wild West- Let’s go! It is your time for an adventure of a lifetime.

Experience Ireland’s breathtaking west coast.

A trip of a lifetime- the west coast of Ireland will take your breath away.
A trip of a lifetime the west coast of Ireland will take your breath away

This mesmerising six day all-inclusive tour experience explores the true, rugged and rough beauty of Ireland’s west coast. Together we will discover Ireland’s unique history and vibrant Gaelic culture.

Stunning colours and that strong feeling of freedom.
Stunning colours and that strong feeling of freedom

We will take you off the beaten track in search of the wild wests true identity. Unravel its unique culture, history, amazing food and even better take the chance to experience adventure such as cycling on Inis Mor island, hiking to the top of Ireland’s holiest mountain, Croagh Patrick, surfing the magical Atlantic waves of Sligo and many more great adventures. All of our tours have a maximum of 16 passengers. This allows us to go off the beaten track and really dive into our adventure. You will never feel herded around and by offering many, many activity options this trip is truly about you and your personal and unique experience.

Everlasting family memories- Adventure style!
Everlasting family memories Adventure style

The Wild West is an experience not to be missed and one that will live long in your heart. Don’t just sit on a bus! With Wild N Happy you will get out and about discovering Ireland through all  of your senses.

Green, greener, Ireland.
Green greener Ireland


Our Wild West all- inclusive tour departs conveniently from Dublin , which is served by Ireland’s largest international airport. This means easy access for you, your family or your group of friends. From Dublin’s fair city, we set our compasses due west, making our way through the lush midlands of Ireland in search of the wild Atlantic coastline and the Bohemian capital of Ireland, Galway City. Take the time to explore and wander its bustling streets, sample its famed culinary delights and traditional music scene.


We jump from mainland Ireland to one of its most renowned island, Inis Mór, meaning big island. It is the largest of three islands that make up the Aran Islands.

Once we arrive on its limestone shores, we will take a cycling tour exploring this magnificent landscape that has as many as 50 different monuments of Christian, pre-Christian and Celtic mythological heritage.

50 Shades of green : Innismore Island- Just beautiful!
50 Shades of green Innismore Island Just beautiful

The most famous of them are Dún Aonghasa, a breathing fort that was built on a high cliff some 100 metres above sea level and Dún Dúchathair (the Black fort) which enjoys a more solitude setting on the cliffs at Cill Éinne, (Killeany). Some visitors enjoy the solitude of it in contrast with the more busy Dún Aonghasa. The fort consists of a terraced wall surrounding the remains of some early dwelling houses known as Clocháns (stone houses).

We just love the incredible beauty of Innismore Island.
We just love the incredible beauty of Innismore Island


Today’s adventure brings us on a kayak adventure on the wild Atlantic shores of Clifden. We love Clifden- and we are sure that you will love Clifden too! We will explore its majestic coastline and vast caves. All of our tours are designed to suit everyone’s ability, so you don’t have to be an elite athlete to partake- we promise that you will have a wonderful time. A smile is all you need!

We love Clifden!
We love Clifden

After a bite to eat in Clifden, we commence our journey northwards passing Kylemore Abbey, Ireland’s only fjord at Killary harbour and secluded picturesque lakes that line our path to the colourful town of Westport. That evening, we shall sample the taste of its culinary delights and musical entertainment.  This will be a great opportunity for you to get to know your fellow travellers better. Wild N Happy tours are a great way of making new friends and there is always a lovely and buzzing atmosphere on tour. We love to have a chat, fun and of course a lot of laughter.

Kylemore Abbey- What a view!
Kylemore Abbey What a view


Today, we throw on our walking boots, not dancing shoes, as we take a guided hike on Ireland’s holiest mountain, Croagh Patrick. You will love the fresh air and wonderful hike giving you a feeling of achievement and freedom.

Croagh Patrick is such a magical place
Croagh Patrick is such a magical place

Famous for its spectacular views of Clew bay it is also renowned for its pilgrims walking barefoot to the top. However, it is not compulsory so don’t worry.  You will learn about the history, geology and cultural significance of Croagh Patrick. Our guides have a wealth of information which they are thrilled to share with you.  That afternoon you will have the opportunity to explore and relax in the colourful and vibrant town of Westport. Why not enjoy a lovely cup of tea and scone while flicking through your photos of your tour adventures so far.


Departing Westport, we make our along the northern wild and rugged coastline of Mayo before arriving in Sligo, known as the town of abounding in shells.

Let’s go for a dip in the ocean-anyone??
Lets go for a dip in the ocean anyone

You can take the opportunity to dip your feet into the wild Atlantic Ocean or catch some of the most renowned waves in the world. Be amazed by the sheer power of the Atlantic Ocean and the play of colours of your vibrant surroundings. Whether you stand or not, you will definitely feel refreshed after your experience before sampling some of best culinary delights and famous sights of Sligo.


Departing Sligo at 9 AM, we make our way back east to the fair city of Dublin but not before one last little adventure for you. We will take a magical visit to Newgrange, a UNESCO World Heritage Site- a must see and must experience in Ireland.

Newgrange (Unesco Heritage Site)
Newgrange Unesco Heritage Site

It is a renowned Stone Age monument, that was constructed during the Neolithic period over 5,000 years ago (about 3,200 B.C.), which makes it older than Stonehenge and Great Pyramids of Giza. Newgrange is a truly magnificent site and memories of this magical place will stay with you forever.

Newgrange- we love the magical atmosphere
Newgrange we love the magical atmosphere

Afterwards we make our way to Dublin, where we bid a fond farewell full of happy memories that will last a lifetime. Remember, Ireland is now your second home away from home!

Your Wild N Happy adventure, your newly made friends, the laughter, the fun, your adventures, cultural impressions and the gracious beauty of the Emerald Isle will stay with you forever. “Slán abhaile”

Our comfy, safe and modern Wild N Happy Bus
Our comfy safe and modern Wild N Happy Bus