About Wild N Happy

...So, what is Wild N Happy you ask?

Hello from everyone at Wild N Happy!

Well the answer is simple! We are much more than just an adventure travel company that brings people here and there. We are about exploring, experiencing and giving back to the world. 

We are a way of adventuring and experiencing life that gives you the opportunity to explore incredible destinations with like minded people, take part in unique activity, cultural and ecological experiences and most importantly giving back to the world in a way that strengthens our connection to nature, supports local initiatives that benefit communities and the environment and in doing so brings us closer together.

What makes us tick at Wild N Happy, is an adventurer like you, that wants to connect to the wild and beautiful world and in return you get the most amazing dose of happiness.  

be Wild…be Happy!

Michael Crawley and all the Wild N Happy team

A Brief Timeline Of The Wild N Happy Family

2007 - The Beginning and it had to start somewhere!

Well, believe it or not, it started off in 2007 in a library in a small coastal town called Cahersiveen in County Kerry, Ireland. While searching through a variety of library books for ideas on a groovy company name, I looked up for inspiration, a drop of motivation and probably more in truth as a distraction, I noticed an array of nicely drawn alphabet letters that represented a word e.g A for Apple, B for …..BANG!!! and there it was…. not the Big Bang, but nonetheless the creation of our first adventure company, Mor Active Tours. (Wild N Happy comes along further in our story… so keep reading) First of all, you might ask what and why Mór Active Tours? Well, it stands for Mountain Ocean River Active which best describes the adventures we are passionate about and secondly Mór Active in our Gaelic language means BIG Active.

2007 to 2015 - The early years and creating adventure hubs

Mor Active Tours primary focus was day tour experiences and so we set about creating a variety of day tour adventure hubs throughout Ireland. Once they were completed and functioning to our desired level, then the final icing on the cake was to unveil these adventure hubs, ready and waiting, to the wider international community who would like to avail of experience multi day tour, self drive tours and private tour experiences. Simple, but there is always a but….so jump to 2015!

2015 to 2016 - A new sister brand is born, Wild N Happy!

It became very evident through our market research that Mor Active Tours gave the impression to our potential clientele that we were about to bring them kayaking down a wild river or gently pushing them off a cliff thus frightening the pants off people. So, we decided to create a softer brand image for a wider market that still worked in tandem with Mor Active Tours and in keeping with our lust for exploring, experiencing and giving back to the world.

Hey presto, out popped Wild N Happy, a brand new company (a child in my eyes), screaming with excitement and ready for adventuring.

2016 to present day - Wild N Happy has grown into a premier adventure travel operator

From our humble beginnings in a library in 2007 to now, it is hard to believe what we have created and to be honest I couldn’t be prouder. It has been down to a lot of hard work, pulling my hair (I have plenty of it so I haven’t gone bald yet) at times and most importantly of all, you the people, who have joined us on our incredible journey. I know we wouldn’t be where we are today without your kindness, enthusiasm, feedback and wonderful tour reviews. It gives me hope and energy that we are continuing to move in the right direction with our strong values towards responsible travel and having a dedicated team of friendly and enthusiastic people to help you plan your dream adventure around this beautiful world.