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Embark on an Authentic Moroccan Adventure

Your Moroccan adventure begins now, igniting your imagination with visions of bustling souks and serene desert skies. Known as the vibrant crossroads of Africa and Europe, Morocco beckons with an allure that’s irresistible to the adventurous soul. Scale the lofty heights of Mount Toubkal, let the fragrant spices of Marrakesh’s street food guide you through winding alleys, and step into the storied lands of Ait Benhaddou and Agdz.

While our heart lies with our Ireland tours, we couldn’t resist the call of Morocco’s enchanting landscapes and rich tapestry of culture. Dive into the details below, and feel free to reach out with any curiosities about our intimate Morocco small group tours!

Curated Journeys: Discover the Best Guided Tours of Morocco

Embark on a journey through Morocco with Wild N Happy’s specially curated multi-day tours of Morocco. Our passion for this land shines in each uniquely designed tour, from high-energy treks across rugged terrain to cultural immersions that gently unfold the country’s historical saga. Our selection of Morocco tour packages offers a spectrum of experiences, crafted for those who yearn to explore Morocco’s heart beyond the beaten path.

We’re not just about sightseeing; the Wild N Happy Foundation reflects our commitment to responsible travel. By joining our group trips to Morocco, you’re supporting projects that uplift local communities and protect the environments we cherish. Travel with purpose, adventure with passion, and create a story that extends beyond the journey — all with Wild N Happy’s small group tours in Morocco.

Top Tours of Morocco

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Multi-day Tour
Discover Marrakech 3-day Tour

3-Day Discover Marrakech Tour

3 days
Join Wild N Happy on this 3-day Discover Marrakech Tour, seeing the most this vibrant Moroccan city has to offer. Check out the full itinerary and highlights for […]
Multi-day Tour
4 Day Morocco Tour – Toubkal Mountain Trek

4-Day Morocco Hiking Tour | Toubkal Trek

4 days
Join Wild N Happy on this 4-day Toubkal Mountain Trek. Come on an adventure up Northern Africa's highest mountain. Check out the full itinerary and highlights for more […]
Multi-day Tour
7 Days Morocco Tour – Toubkal + Marrakech

7-Day Morocco Tour – Toubkal + Marrakech

7 days
Join Wild N Happy on this unforgettable 7-day Morocco tour. Discover Marrakech and climb Mount Toubkal in one single trip. Check out the full itinerary and highlights for […]
Multi-day Tour
8 Days – Morocco’s Wild South Tour

8-Day Morocco Trip Package – The Wild South

8 days
Come with Wild N Happy on this unforgettable 8-day Morocco tour. Discover Marrakech the Atlas Mountains, & the Sahara Desert. Check out the full itinerary and highlights for […]
Multi-day Tour
Marrakech + Morocco’s Wild South 10-day Tour

10-Day Marrakech Trip & South Morocco Tour

10 days
Join Wild N Happy on this epic 10-day Marrakech and South Morocco tour. Discover Marrakech, Ait Benhaddou, and Agdz. Check out the full itinerary and highlights for more […]
Multi-day Tour
14 Days Morocco Tour – Toubkal + Morocco’s Wild South

14-Day Morocco Trip – Toubkal + the Wild South

14 days
Join Wild N Happy on this 14-day Magical Morocco Tour. Discover Marrakech the Mount Toubkal, & the Atlas Mountains. Check out the full itinerary and highlights for more […]

The Wild N Happy Foundation

Make a difference when you travel with us as with each booking you make directly with us we Give Back 3% through the Wild N Happy Foundation to carefully selected initiatives that promote a better planet.

Morocco Vacation FAQs

Do I need a passport or a visa to travel to Morocco?

UK and EU citizens are required to have a valid passport to enter Morocco. The passport should be valid for at least 3 months.

What currency is accepted in Morocco? 

In Morocco, they use the Dirham as their currency. 

Is tipping customary in Morocco?

Tipping is not mandatory in Morocco. However, it is customary to round up the bill, leaving tips at restaurants and cafes. Ultimately, tipping is entirely up to you.

What is internet access like in Morocco? 

Internet access is quite good in Morocco. Most B&Bs, hotels, cafés, etc, all offer decent Wi-Fi access to their customers or visitors. 

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in Morocco?

Coverage for mobiles/cellphones in Morocco is mostly really good in Morocco’s cities and other metropolitan areas. However, you should anticipate bad coverage in remote, mountainous, or desert areas.

What are toilets like in Morocco?

While there are some western-style sitting toilets in Morocco, many of them are squat toilets, which can be a bit of a shock to the uninitiated. These toilets are essentially a hole in the ground, but they look much nicer than you might imagine. It may take a little practice to get right, but you will get used to them. 

Is smoking legal in Morocco? 

Moroccan law prohibits smoking in most public buildings. However, you can smoke in many restaurants and cafes. In hotels and other accommodations, you can usually smoke on the roof terrace or a space that serves a similar function to this.

Can I drink the water in Morocco?

While the locals drink the tap water, it is probably best as a visitor to choose filtered or bottled water instead.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Morocco?

Credit and debit cards can be used in most towns and tourist areas in Morocco. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted types. However, smaller, more remote areas won’t accept card, so make sure to have some cash on you as well.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before travelling in Morocco?

Our tours do not include travel insurance but we highly recommend travel insurance for all Wild N Happy tours. We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before travelling. We accept no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to personal belongings or liability for personal injury/death at any time during the duration of your tour. 


What is the weather like in Morocco? 

Morocco is sunny all year round. While there are mild seasonal changes, the weather is warm in comparison to the UK, US, and all of Europe. In the summer, the weather averages at around 30°C each day, and is fairly consistent.