Killarney National Park Cycling Tour

killarney cycling tour

Comfortable Pace, Stunning Views and…. loads of chat & fun!

Explore the famous Killarney National Park with our amazing guided Killarney Cycling tour, where you will get to experience the real beauty of Ireland’s largest and most spectacular destination. Instead of individually hiring your own bikes, you can enjoy this amazing tour which is not only great value for money but also an opportunity to learn about the history, cultural aspects and geology in the area. We look after the bike hire for you and plan out the most amazing routes for you.  Our guides are passionate about sharing local myths and stories with you as well as keeping you safe= they are simply the best!

The perfect day out with friends!
The perfect day out with friends

We will take you on a magical journey through Killarney National Parks most beautiful and iconic locations. Enjoy the tranquility of Ireland’s largest National Park which surrounds Killarney town, and as we delve further inland, we will encounter majestic waterfalls that flow into the glacier shaped lakes of Killarney for an experience you will never forget.

Explore Muckross Gardens and the stunning Muckross House!
Explore Muckross Gardens and the stunning Muckross House

Our Cycling tours brings you through the national Park all the way to the magical 15th Century Muckross Abbey.

The beautiful Killarney National Park
The beautiful Killarney National Park

Why not book a great day out with friends or join us by yourself. There is always a great atmosphere on tour with a lot of chat and laughter. We also offer great family packages!

Killarney is the perfect destination for a cycling tour whereby you can explore the ancient woodlands and stunning views of the Lakes of Killarney.

Have you heard of Torc Waterfall? This is another spectacular site in Killarney that we will visit.

We love Torc Waterfall!
We love Torc Waterfall

We travel at a very comfortable pace and we have guests on tour of very different fitness levels! We do not cycle to race but to take in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

We would love to hear from you and welcome you on tour. Let’s go cycling![:]