When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Ireland?

Ireland is a country of great natural beauty, warm and welcoming towns, myths, legends, history and more… Okay, so we’ve sold you! You’re ready to visit the Emerald Isle and experience all it has to offer. But there is one question holding you back. WHEN is the best time to visit Ireland? Luckily Wild N Happy is here to help!

What is the Cheapest Time of Year to Visit Ireland?

Errigal in Winter, Co. DOnegal

Errigal in Winter Co. Donegal / Image Source / License

Prices tend to drop with the temperature so January and February are usually the cheapest months in Ireland. But before you get chills thinking about winter in Ireland you should know there is a lot to enjoy! Whilst these are the coldest months of the year, an Irish winter is remarkably mild and the temperature rarely drops below freezing. This means the weather won’t hold you back from doing almost everything you want to do!

If you take one of Wild N Happy’s guided tours of Ireland we’ll make sure you get the most out of both Ireland and the season. And for all you adventurous explorers out there, we offer plenty of single-day adventures with our Day Tours. This can give you flexibility to get out and explore on fair weather days. And if the weather gets bad? What could be more glorious than spending cold days in cosy Irish pubs, enjoying music, a pint of Irish stout, warm food and a bit of the craic (Irish word that means a lot of things, but mostly it just means “fun”)?

However, if winter really isn’t for you, then spring and autumn are also off-peak times and in these warmer seasons you can properly enjoy some of the fine hiking trails in Ireland’s National Parks. You may even be tempted to dive in at the deep end with our Killarney Kayak Tours!

When is the Weather in Ireland At Its Best?

Ireland in Summer

It’s a fun fact that there are ten words in Irish to describe weather and they are all about rain! Irish weather is wet, all year round, but there are some months that tend to be wetter than others, and our top tip is to visit Ireland in June, when the sun shines fairly often and the crowds aren’t as big and boisterous as they are in July and August. An Irish summer is magical; the days are long, the seas are calm, and the views stretch out forever. Summer is also the best time to visit nearby islands. But remember: in Ireland you can pass through every season in a single day no matter what month of the year it is, so always be prepared!

What’s the Most Popular Tourist Season in Ireland?

Ireland Beach

Summer is Ireland’s peak tourist season, and July and August are its busiest months. As schools close for the holidays you’ll find both locals and tourists enjoying popular attractions and the beautiful Irish beaches. Whilst peak season is more expensive than other times of the year, it’s the best time to get outside, and if you have an adventurous streak it’s the perfect time to go on one of our unique, life-changing adventure tours!

What Are the Most Unmissable Events in Ireland?

Ireland St Patrick's Day

Shamrocks / Image Source / License

Everyone should experience that most iconic Irish event, St Patrick’s Day, in Ireland at least once in their life! St Patrick’s Day falls in March so the weather may be cool, but the Irish pubs and the Irish spirit will keep you warm.

Less well known, but just as exciting, is the Galway International Arts Festival. Taking place annually, over the first two weeks of July, this arts festival showcases theatre, music, art, dance, comedy, opera and more! There’s something for everyone and it takes place in Galway which is one of the best towns to visit in Ireland, and a regular stop on Wild N Happy’s tours! And if the Galway festival leaves you wanting more, every September Dublin hosts its own Theatre Festival and Fringe.

Goat King of Dalkey Island

King Billy of Dalkey Island / Image Source / License

If you have an interest in traditional Irish culture then Puck Fair, one of the oldest festivals in Ireland, is an absolute must. Taking place from the 10th-12th of August in the town of Killorglin, this festival includes cattle markets, horse trading, and the crowning of a goat king amongst other entertainments and revelry!

So there you have: Wild N Happy’s guide on when to visit Ireland! But, regardless of cost, weather, tourist attractions and events, we reckon the best time to visit Ireland is as soon as you can!  And if our tours have caught your eye or you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.