weather in Ireland

Ireland has an obsession with the weather, it is impossible to go anywhere without hearing someone talk about how “it’s dreadful out”.

We simply love to complain about it. During the summer when it’s too hot, we complain about how our pale pasty skin is not used to it and how the kids won’t go to sleep until all hours because it doesn’t get dark until late to hearing “its awful warm” everywhere you go .

During the winter we complain how it is too cold to go outside and “you’ll be blown away” or how it is too dark too early to hearing “its cat out” (meaning it’s terrible weather out).

When it rains we reminisce on days where we had a cloudless day, however if it doesn’t rain for more than a few days, we all of a sudden have raging farmers and a drought on our hands…. On an Island.

The unpredictableness of the Irish weather is probably the reason we are so laid back as a nation, we can never plan much into the future as the weather may affect it, so we just play it by ear and hope for the best.

Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, our weather is usually mild, bar the occasional school closures due to a thin sheet of snow on the ground. The North Atlantic Drift keeps sea temperatures mild too which is perfect for year round water sports.
So while the weather can be unpredictable and constantly changing  – it’s rarely extreme.

Ireland is green most of the year round, therefore there is never a perfect time to visit Ireland. No matter what month you pick it is nearly impossible to guarantee any particular weather. But one thing is for sure, no matter the weather be it sunshine or rain, festivals, sights and activities all still go ahead and will be an unforgettable experience.

irish weather