St Patrick’s Day- Irish Style

st patricks day

There is nothing quite like celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland and this special day has become one the the top things on many travellers bucket list.

People Celebrate St Patrick’s day (Paddy’s day for some) around the world, but its history is firmly rooted in Ireland. The holiday falls on March 17th, but in Ireland especially when it falls on a weekend in spans more than one day. The Anniversary celebrates St Patrick, the Roman-Born, Loyal Patron saint of Ireland.

If you want to celebrate this special day in traditional Irish fashion here are a few tips we recommend:

‘Full Irish is a must’ – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is especially true on St Patrick’s Day. So treat yourself to a traditional ‘Full Irish’ fry up consisting of Bacon ( rashers as there known on the Emerald Isle), Sausages, Black and White Pudding, fried eggs, baked bean, mushrooms, Hash browns, Toast and Tomatoes not forgetting of course fresh cup of traditional Irish tea.

Full Irish Breakfast

‘Go Green’ – Green is definitely the colour of choice on  St Patrick’s Day. Simple things like a green t-shirt and green hat are usually acceptable items to wear. Painting the Irish flag on your face tends to be the norm too.  However if you want to prove you have been doing your homework, a popular tradition is to buy a bunch of real shamrock and pin it to your collar or chest. Shamrock is a delicate little plant that wilts after just a couple of hours, and when it does, it’s obligatory to drop it into your drink and toast St. Patrick.


‘Watch a Parade’–  The parade is mandatory viewing on St. Patrick’s Day for locals as well as tourists. Parades are held right across the country, but the big ones will be held in cities such as Dublin and Cork with marching bands, local dance troupes and plenty of colorful floats. Your 1st day of your tour you will be arriving into Cork on St Patrick’s Day so you will get to see part of one of these fantastic parades. Dublin will be hosting a few parades all over the weekend so we do recommend flying in a few days before your tour so you can experience the capitals events.


‘Enjoy a Pint’-  Irish Bars and pubs will be buzzing with the Paddy’s Day

atmosphere, so once you are done with the parades and events get off the main street find yourself a traditional Irish pub or bar and enjoy a pint or two whilst listening to live traditional Irish Music. As you will be in Cork when touring with us on St Patrick Day  you will have plenty of bars and pubs to choose from to have a true Irish Paddy’s Day experience.