Uniquely Dingle: Handicrafts and more

Uniquely Dingle: Handicrafts

A blog about all things unique to Dingle!

It seems only fitting that a town called Dingle would be inhabited by a quaint and unique community. Dingle is a town you may not have heard much about, but it will be the one that will make you not want to go home! The quintessential Irish town is a MUST DO.
Dingle is one of the last remaining regions in all of Ireland to actually speak Irish. While up until this point you may have only heard “póg mo thóin,” in Dingle you will hear full conservations!

Irish speaking regions

On this map of Ireland, you will see three main green regions. These regions are part of the Gaeltacht, in other words they are Irish speaking areas in Ireland. The Dingle peninsula Gaeltacht is in the most Southern green region shown on this map, making this town a rare and authentic destination.

Dingle is the place people go to pursue their life’s dream of opening a knitting shop or a bakery which has created a place full of local, hip, artisan food, shopping, and experiences. Here are some highlights, but these are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of great shops to see and experiences to be had!

Siopa Ceoil An Daingin: Dingle Music Shop

Your one stop shop for traditional Irish music. Shop owner, Michael Herlihy, is a full-time musician himself and sells both old and new releases. If he doesn’t have it, then he will ship it to your door step! Michael also stocks his shop with traditional Irish instruments like bodhrans, whistles, harps, and uilleann pipe starter kits. And if you’re lucky, Michael will play a few tunes just for you or stick around for the night (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday) and there will plenty of live music and fun for all. This is a much more intimate experience than music you would hear in the nearby pubs, plus they serve up a mean Irish Coffee.

A bodhran, a traditional Irish drum.
A bodhran a traditional Irish drum

Dingle Elf

This is a year round christmas shop. Need I say more?!  This place has locally, handmade ornaments that will look lovely on your Douglas Fir this Christmas. The shop also has “captured fairies” and Dingle elves to release your inner child.

Dick Macks Yard

Dick Macks itself is a traditional pub that has been pouring pints since 1899. This pub’s motto, “as you like it,” describes the place well as it suits every person out there, whether you are from Dingle yourself or just in town for the day. You won’t miss the pub as your walking because of the Walk of Fame on the sidewalk out front, that has a star for every celebrity who has visited the pub (this include Julia Roberts, just sayin’)! Dick Mack’s has expanded through the years and now spreads out to a back area where there are some places to sit, shop, and eat.

Front of Dick Mack’s in Dingle, Co. Kerry. It is located across from St. Mary’s Church in town.
Front of Dick Macks in Dingle Co Kerry It is located across from St Marys Church in town
St. Mary’s, the church located across the street from Dick Mack’s, Dingle, Co. Kerry.
St Marys the church located across the street from Dick Macks Dingle Co Kerry

Dick Mack’s Pub- Craft Leather Goods

“Step Up and Get Waisted” as you step into Dick Macks itself. Ever wanted to get a belt custom made for yourself, loved one, or that one co-worker you need to bring something back for? This is the perfect spot for you. You will not be disappointed!

Sea Glass Studio

With Dingle Peninsula as her muse, Abi Dillon has an impressive collection of genuine sea glass, collected from the beaches surrounding this lovely town. Abi’s products range from bracelets to handcrafted buttons and just about everything in between. While most of her work is with sea glass, she also uses sea pottery and pebbles from around the Dingle area. Her shop can be found in the back of Dick Macks.

Example of some sea glass.
Example of some sea glass

Holden Leathergoods

Check out this shop for handbags, briefcases, purses, and wallets made from quality leather and specially made to suit your needs. They even have collars and leads for your dog! These products are made using old-fashioned, traditional methods that Conor Holden has been perfecting since 1989.

Dingle Candle Shop

Creative, inventive, memorable. Irish Wild Fuchsia Rose, Irish Turf Hearth, Dingle Rain, Skellig Wars, Granny’s Cottage Kitchen. These are just some of the scents, the owner and chandler of the Dingle Candle Shop specially produces. Sandra Cremin has poured her passion into these products creating top-quality natural soy candles, melts, and other home products. Memories of your time in Dingle will flood back to you as you light a Dingle Bay Breeze candle filled with notes of lemon, bergamot, and mandarin.  These little creations of perfection are THE treat to take home with you from your trip to Dingle.

Brian Destaic Jewelry

Unrivaled in quality and tradition, Brian de Staic creates truly unique jewellery for both him and her. Not to mention, his Claddagh rings shine past all others. Especially unique to Brian’s shop, is his ogham jewellery line. Ogham is the old Irish alphabet that was used over 1000 years ago and is made up of several parallel lines. Brian has made exquisite jewellery showcasing this nearly lost alphabet, that you must check out!

Louis Mulcahy Pottery

Master potter, Louis Mulcahy, is a well accomplished and awarded individual originally hailing from Dublin, but moved to Dingle in 1975. Louis is not just another potter, he has spent almost 50 years perfecting his craft by trying new materials, creating his own glazes, and cultivating strong and durable products. He also offers classes and tours of his workshop where you too could learn some tricks of the trade.

Shop front for Louis Mulcahy Pottery, Dingle, Co. Kerry.
Shop front for Louis Mulcahy Pottery Dingle Co Kerry

Murphys Ice Cream

Starting at the turn of the century, the Murphy brothers have been churning ice cream made from Ireland’s finest Kerry cows. This organization not only produces a mouth-watering product, but they also do their fair share in persevering the Kerry cow, a breed that almost went extinct. The secret to why their ice cream is so so good? Because the cows they use actually have a higher cream content in their milk than a typical dairy cow!

A Kerry cow, denoted by it’s all black body, Co. Kerry.
A Kerry cow denoted by its all black body Co Kerry

They also are sample-friendly and have some really creative flavours. My personal favourite being brown bread. I know it sounds weird, but why not give it a whirl?!

With all these craft shops and more, hop on Wild N Happy’s bus to see Dingle for yourself and explore the endless handicraft shops that make up one of the most unique, quirky towns in Ireland.