Lunchtime Grub in Dingle

lunch time in Dingle

Dingle was named Ireland’s “Top Foodie Town,” but does it really live up to the title? We definitely think so, but why not check it out for yourself!

While on your Wild N Happy Tour to Dingle, you will have a couple hours during the day to shop and most importantly eat. We wanted to give you a breakdown of some of Dingle’s ridiculously good grub so that you know what you are getting yourself into. My only advice, come with an empty stomach and stretchy pants.

Dingle county Kerry

The Wren’s Nest

Coffee house and garden, this place feels exactly how you would imagine it. Quaint and cozy, with a real gem of a back garden that gleams in the sun with flowers and trees. You will feel like you are in the middle of an oasis. The relaxing, off the beaten path ambience is unbeatable, especially when it’s coupled with delicious, good-tasting, and good-for-you food. They even have legit chai tea, India-style!

Tree House cafe

Breakfast all day!!! With scones that will rival your granny’s age-old recipe, this cafe is a must stop in Dingle if you are craving some cozy, home-cooked food. The cafe also offers soup, sandwiches, and a few lunch time specials.  Down an alley off one of the main streets, this spot is tucked away from the hussle and bussle of the streets.

Scone with cream and jam.
Scones avec de la chantilly et de la confiture


Only open for lunch, you must try the food here while you can. This cafe is renowned for its chowder, hence the name! This spot is ideal on those cold, rainy Irish days where you need something to warm you from the inside out and the chowder is packed full of different types of fish!  Chowder offers other delectable items like pancakes, steak sandwiches, and to-die-for chips (aka french fries)!

Seafood chowder.
Seafood chowder


Located in an alley just off the main street across from Dingle Harbor, Danno’s offers a nice, casual atmosphere with a fabulous beer garden! Owner and chef, Danno O’Keeffe knows what people like and is most famous for his West Kerry beef burgers cooked to order. Like most places in Dingle, Danno’s also has a killer seafood selection, so there is something for everyone here.

Dingle Marina, right across from Danno’s.
Dingle Marina juste en face du Dannos

Greys lane

Right smackdab in the center of town, this place has always been a favorite and may just become your favorite place in Dingle too! This restaurant is a small family business that serves up a scrumptious selection of food that is a break away from the classic Irish. There’s tasty pastas, crostinis, and salads, not to mention it’s vegetarian friendly.

John Bennys

Perfect place to grab some traditional, reasonably priced Irish pub food. John Benny’s serves up classics like shepherd’s pie, chicken supremes, and Guinness stew (pictured right) so if you are looking for your quintessential Irish meal head here! Located right along the main street across from the harbor, this place is super central and easy to find.

Guinness stew
Guinness stew le ragoût Irlandais

Out of the Blue

This restaurant will blow you out of the water, just like the fish on your plate! This place is strictly fish-friendly and serves up arguably the best seafood you will ever taste. You know the fish is fresh because the menu changes everyday depending on what they catch and if there’s no fish caught that day, there’s no food to be had. If you don’t mind dropping a few extras bucks, this place is well worth it. You will only be able to enjoy this treat for lunch on Sundays, however they are open for dinner every night of the week.

The Half Door

This place has really good food and there’s doubt about it, plain and simple as that. You don’t half to think twice about going here because half door won’t let you leave half full! Cue the stretchy pants please. Foods seasonally-minded, seafood-friendly, and candy for both the eyes and the mouth. People are talking about the crab au gratin, so go and get eating!

Need to combat that after-lunch snooze?

Check out Bean in Dingle!

Dingle’s latest and greatest coffee shop. These guys know what’s up. This cafe is a family affair between the two brothers serving up the cuppas, their mother decorating the shop, and their nanny creating tantalizing baked goods. With a speciality blend by Badger & Dodo made just for their shop, this coffee is not to miss and neither is the latte art! And they brew their coffee several different ways to match what your taste buds enjoy the most.

L'art de servir le lait de facon élégante !

Now that you have read all about the key lunchtime spots to hit, comes the hardest part of choosing which one. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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