Top 5 Reasons to Visit Ireland

top 5 ireland

There are many reasons why you wish to visit this magical landscape called Ireland. Some reasons take the shape of visiting family and friends, to discovering are there really little creatures called Leprechauns that sit at the end of countless dramatic rainbows with a rather large pot of gold (cannot be categorically denied that they don’t exist). Just in case those listed reason aren’t doing enough to persuade you, we at Mor Active Tours have put our brains together (Einstein you have nothing to worry about) and came up with, in my opinion, humble as it may be, the top 5 reasons to why you must visit Ireland.

  1. Simply its people!

Without question the number one reason to visit our green island in the middle of the wild Atlantic – is its people. Firstly, you will never meet a friendlier bunch of people that love nothing more than meeting others, having the ‘craic’ and generally giving bad directions to some poor unfortunate tourist (a word of warning: always ask 3 people to verify).

It is true that we have a huge advantage in that all citizens of Ireland are born with an insatiable desire to talk or what we call the Gift of the Gab. However, it is a genuine desire that is generally administered by a smile and one that you will hold dear to your heart for many years to come.

  1. Culture, food and drink – alive and vibrant

The Irish culture is one that is very much alive and evolving. Our traditions date back centuries and are held dear to every Irish person’s heart. For example, our music has evolved over the time to become one of the most prominent musical genres in our island. In almost every corner of this green island you will find a traditional Irish music session any night of the week that will leave you spellbound.

From our own indigenous sports such as Gaelic football and hurling to soccer and rugby, us Irish are a race of sport enthusiasts. No trip to Ireland is complete without experiencing one of the major sporting events on throughout the year.

Our cities, towns and villages are up there with the most vibrant in Europe and always offer something unique especially when it comes to food and entertainment. Irish stews and potato cakes are just a few of traditional food and beverages that are on offer. To get a real taste of Ireland it is necessary to just go with the flow and experiment! Enjoying a pint of Guinness with a full Irish breakfast is a must for any tourist and remember it won’t kill you.


  1. History, like you have never seen it before!!

Ireland is a must do destination for enthusiastic historians. Scattered at every corner of this island you will discover magnificent castles, stunning Celtic forts and mystically islands each carrying its own story of Ireland’s past.Cil rialaig cross-incribed slab

  1. The weather, Believe it or not!

I can sense that you are quietly packing your suitcase and probably thinking this is a no brainer, but wait there are those rumors that this is a sunny island, no wait, rainy, no wait, windy, no wait, cold maybe? “I give up” I hear you say but fear not as you were in fact correct in your assumptions as it is all them mixed together to give that special unique Irish experience. We have a saying in Ireland: “if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute”.

Despite not enjoying a particularly warm climate, Ireland’s damp temperatures are conducive to some of the cleanest air in Europe. Getting off the beaten track and exploring rural Ireland you cannot help but noticing the fine air quality. There are countless scenic drives and walking routes to explore where you will be exposed to the wild side of Ireland that will rekindle your Celtic spirit.

5. The spectacular Wild Atlantic Way

Our newest iconic trademark which has always been there but we just didn’t call it anything. Stretching Ireland’s western seaboard, the Wild Atlantic Way is the longest defined coastal touring route in the world. Over 2,500km in length, spanning Ireland’s western counties, and the route takes in some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ll ever see. sliderwildatlantic
It is definitely a must do when visiting and offers you a real opportunity to discover the wild continuous landscape that surrounds this magical island, visit traditional Irish towns and villages that are alive with literature and music and most of all experience the warmth of Irish people through their stories and smiles.