Top 5 Activities on the Ring of Kerry

Skellig Islands

  1. Visit the amazing Skellig Islands

A must do for everyone is take a tour exploring Ireland’s most famous coastal route, The Ring of Kerry and visit the impressive Skellig Michael, a dramatic UNESCO world heritage site. Experience what it would have been like to live on a remote island off the coast of Ireland as you are taken back in time to discover one of Ireland’s most dramatic locations.  On the big island, also known as Skellig Mor, there is a well-preserved monastic outpost of the Early Christian period dating back to the 6th century. On the small island, known as Skellig Beag, there are some 27,000 pairs of gannets – the second largest colony of such seabirds in the world. An incredible spectacle that will leave you mesmerized by its sheer raw beauty.

2. Take a mesmerizing cycling tour around Valentia Island

Take a breath-taking cycling tour of the impressive Valentia Island and discover one of Ireland’s most westerly points and home of Ireland’s first transatlantic telegraph cable. The island is situated off the South West coast of Kerry and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is renowned for its great beauty, ecological wonders and historical importance with many spectacular viewing points.

3. Discover Bray Head  Explore the real beauty of the Ring of Kerry with a unique cultural and ecological experience exploring the spectacular Bray Head and its wild rugged landscape shaped by nature’s hand. Sitting at its top is a 19th century Martello tower that was built during the Napoleonic wars and if you are lucky enough you may catch a glimpse of a pod of whales passing its shorelines as you gaze out towards the majestic Skellig Islands.

4. Explore the Ring of Kerry coastline with a spectacular Coasteering Adventure
This is the ultimate in adrenalin fun as you test your nerve with an amazing Coasteering Adventure along Kerry’s wild Atlantic coast. Armed with a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid you will jump into the wild Atlantic to explore vast caves, swim under a spectacular archway, and if your nerves can handle it a series of jumps into the clear blue Atlantic Ocean. A definite must do!

5. Take a relaxing cultural tour of the Ring of Kerry

If the above sounds like too much energy is required well why not take a cultural tour with Mor Active Tours exploring the Ring of Kerry’s unique and remarkable setting. Discover its wild, rugged and breath-taking scenery as they take you off the beaten track to unearth the real Ring of Kerry experience and flavour its true cultural charms, ecological surprises and gaze out over a land shaped by the wild Atlantic.