Small group experience with Wild ‘N’ Happy

small group experience Ireland

Have you ever been on a tour and felt like you weren’t able to see a place the way you wanted because there were so many people on the tour? Well with Wild N Happy you won’t have that problem because we cap our tours at no more than 16 people. This small group atmosphere makes up what we like to call the Wild N Happy Four Leaf Clover: customize, character, comfortable, and conscious. Wild 'N' Happy Clover Customize We like to call our guides “renaissance women and men” because they are enthusiasts of life in some many ways. The small group size on our tours allows us to customize and personalize the experience for you. Just a few specialty areas of our guides include geology, ecology, history, storytelling, and adventure sports. Check out our guides bio pages for information on them! Throughout the day, we will take photos so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting moments like this.

One of our guests with a baby lamb on our Dingle tour, Co. Kerry.
One of our guests with a baby lamb on our Dingle tour Co Kerry

Whether you are a student or have your family with you, the tour will accommodate for your needs. At any time, you can tell your guide to stop and or you can ask them about anything you are curious about. Now that’s pretty special! Character Wild N Happy is the last thing from generic. The company was founded on the basis of offering unique, active tours to immerse you into Ireland through smelling the salty air, hearing the age-old stories, feeling the warmth of community, and experiencing it your own way. I think the best part of our tours is that you feel as if you are with a friend driving through Ireland. Our tours are extremely welcoming and cater towards all. The small group environment creates a family feel and fosters a positive space for meeting others, especially for those of you solo travelling.

A group that successfully climbed Carrauntoohil together, Co. Kerry.
A group that successfully climbed Carrauntoohil together Co Kerry

Comfortable Our buses are brand-new 16-seater vans that have spacious legroom, comfortable seats, and plenty of large windows to view the scenery. Now as you may know, Irish roads are small, windy, and can be a bit bumpy but our buses are small in size, they will make the journey much smoother. Instead of playing jello with your seat buddy, you will be able to sip a cup of coffee and take in the passing countryside. Plus with less people, there is less of a need for logistics and more time to tour and see Ireland!

View of the Sky Road near Clifden, Co. Galway.
View of the Sky Road near Clifden Co Galway
Side view of the 16-passenger van parked along the Ring of Kerry, Co. Kerry.
Side view of the 16 passenger van parked along the Ring of Kerry Co Kerry

Conscious Wild N Happy was founded with Irish culture and environment in mind. Our tours focus on the Irish environment through appreciation of how the island was formed and how to take care to preserve it into the future. Our tours also curate Irish culture and its history through tales of the monks, Ireland’s Liberator, and more. Depending on what you are most interested in, the tour will be adapted to include more environmental or cultural information. On our tours, you will be able to meet other like-minded people who are interested in seeing Ireland in a similar way. Our intention at Wild N Happy is for you to have a wonderfully unique experience that leaves you smiling at the end of the day. With small group tours like ours, you are able to craft the day that fits you and take away something from the day that will inspire you moving forward.

The Wild N Happy founder, Michael Crawley, talking with a group in Dingle, Co. Kerry.
The Wild N Happy founder Michael Crawley talking with a group in Dingle Co Kerry

Come see the culture at Wild N Happy and you sure will be left feeling wild and happy! WILD N HAPPY   ~Tara