Our Self Guided Tours of Scotland and Ireland

For travellers that want to feel inspired but love their freedom, self guided tours are the answer. Whether you want to hike, bike, or just explore, we provide you with the map and you do the adventuring! Learn more about taking a self guided experience below! If you’d prefer a fully curated, guided experience, check out our day tours and our multi-day tour experiences. 

Plan Your Ireland and Scotland Self Guided Trip

On a self guided tour of Scotland and Ireland, we will provide you with everything you need. From expert advice to detailed travel notes, but with the extra bonus that you have the flexibility to choose what you want to do and when. If you’d like a little inspiration for your trip, take a look at our Guided Tours of Ireland and Scotland and our Scotland and Ireland Private Tours.

You could be on a hiking or cycling adventure across a destination or just simply exploring an amazing museum, all at your own pace with the ease of knowing we are there for you whenever you need assistance or advice! If you have any more questions about our self guided tours, please get in touch.

Benefits of booking a self guided tour of Scotland and Ireland

  • Choose your paceTours are great, but sometimes it's just nice to wake-up when you want and be free to make your own decisions. On a self guided experience, you get the benefits of a multi-day group tour with detailed planned itinerary but with more freedom to pick and choose what you want, spend more time somewhere, and never worry about keeping up with the tour group.
  • Pick your travel buddiesFor some, travelling with a group of strangers can be intimidating, but travelling solo can feel just as daunting. A lot of people say when you go on a multi-day group tour, you start off as strangers but by the end, it's like travelling with good friends, so don't be put off! If you want to pick your own travel buddies, then a self guided tour is a great way to make that happen.
  • Save time on researchMost people love to travel, but not everyone loves planning their own vacation. From searching for accommodation, places to eat, things to do, it can be a bit stressful. That is a planned self guided tour is perfect! We take all the stress out of it with detailed travel notes and all you have to do is relax and enjoy your experience.
  • 24/7 support serviceWhen booking a self guided tour experience, you can't look into a crystal ball and plan for every eventuality. The unexpected always has a way of happening, and that's why no matter where you are or what time of the day it is we are just a call away to help you out.
  • Rely on pre-booked transportationThe beauty of a self guided tour with us is that everything is figured out for you. Whether you choose a car hire, train or bus, we will have it all organized for you. We will have you there right on time so there is no need to stress, as we have got you covered with detailed information on your chosen form of transportation.
  • Follow expert adviceOn a self guided tour, you have the benefit of an expertly crafted itinerary based on years of experience and knowledge of a destination. This will help you make the most of your time and ensure you can explore without any hassles, worries and just simply have a memorable experience.

Self Guided Tour FAQs

How will we get around without a tour leader?

We will provide you with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for your tour. This will include all of the vital information for your tour including comprehensive transportation instructions and maps for all of your accommodations.

In addition, we will provide you our Destination Travel Guide that covers a wide range of topics from money suggestions, packing and language tips, health and safety considerations, customs and etiquette, dining out, public transportation and history.

We also provide a 24/7 support service so no matter where you are or what time of the day it is we are just a call away to help you out. This reassuring service will help you explore your destination with ease and confidence.

What if something goes wrong? Who can we contact?

We provide a 24/7 support service so no matter where you are or what time of the day it is we are just a call away to help you out. This reassuring service will help you explore your destination with ease and confidence.

We would like to add some extras to our tour. What can we add?

We will provide in your detailed travel notes a list of available daily options that can be added to your tour. These include private guiding services and a wide range of activity, cultural and ecological experiences.

If you have a particular interest of activity in mind that you would like to experience and don’t see it offered in our available options, just let us know. We will do our best to help make it happen for you.

I like some of the destinations from one of your Self Guided Itineraries, but also some of those from another itinerary! Can I mix and match destinations from different itineraries?

Yes, no problem. We will advise you on what is logistically possible and try our best to make it happen for you. Please contact us with your requests.

What is the difference between the Budget, Classic and Luxury accommodations?

  • Budget – Our Budget Tour Style lets you experience your destination at a great price. We use hostel accommodation that is clean, centrally located and has a unique atmosphere that allows you to relax and enjoy the very best of where you are exploring.
  • Classic – Our Classic Tour Style offers you a Lodge/B&B (Bed & Breakfast) experience. All our venues are welcoming, centrally located and have a warm friendly atmosphere that will make you feel right at
  • Luxury – Our Luxury Tour Style provides you with the opportunity to experience 4 Star Guest Houses/Hotel that offers fantastic comfort and is centrally located in whichever destination you are exploring.