Wild N Happy’s Dedication to Responsible Tourism

At Wild N Happy Travel, we recognize our duty to the places we visit, their heritage, and to the people who live there. We put a lot of care and thought towards providing responsible travel experiences that:

–   Create better places for people to live in,

–   Better places to visit, and

–   Promote better educational opportunities.

We equally understand that great product ideas may not always be the most appropriate form of local economic development. Therefore, before launching any of our tourism products we make sure that they adhere to our strict responsible travel principles that include respecting local natural resources, cultural heritage, and human values. On our Morocco, Scotland, and Ireland Tours, we encourage our clients to be aware of their environmental, social, and economic impact. You can be wild, happy, and responsible in all of your travelling adventures!

Principles for Economic Responsibility 

  1. Maximise local economic benefits by increasing business linkages and thus ensuring that communities are involved in, and benefit from our tourism products.
  2. Develop quality products that reflect, complement and enhance our tour destinations
  3. Market tourism in ways which reflect the natural, cultural and social integrity of the destination.
  4. Adopt equitable business practices, pay and charge fair prices, and build local partnerships. We also recruit and employ staff, recognizing international labor standards.
  5. Provide appropriate and sufficient support to other tourism products, thus enabling them to thrive and become sustainable practices.

Principles for Social Responsibility

  1. Provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social, and environmental issues
  2. Involve local people in decision making regarding the suitability and the beneficial long term impacts our products will have on their communities
  3. We are familiar with local customs and traditions in the areas we operate and advise our clients to respect these at all times.
  4. Most of our guides and suppliers come from the areas where we operate in. We participate in their development within the industry providing advice and training to further enhance their skills.
  5. On tour, we encourage our clients to partake and experience cultural and social events such as traditional dancing and songs.

Principles for Environmental Responsibility

  1. Make positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, embracing diversity
  2. Use resources sustainably, reduce waste, and try to minimize our use of transport (when appropriate)
  3. Manage natural diversity sustainably and, where appropriate, restore it; and consider the volume and type of tourism that the environment can support, and respect the integrity of vulnerable ecosystems and protected areas
  4. Promote education and awareness for sustainable development
  5. We are committed to following best practice and thus continually consult with environmental and conservation experts on all areas.

If you have any questions whatsoever about our responsible tourism practices and principles, please feel free to get in touch.