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Ireland and Scotland are Celtic brothers (or sisters). These two ancient lands have so much in common and so much that separates them, and their histories, people, and languages are woven together in subtle and fascinating ways. This is why many people dream of embarking on a grand vacation that spans both Scotland and Ireland, and it’s why Wild N Happy Travel has put so much work into carefully crafting the trips to Ireland and Scotland you will find below. Take a look at our guided multi-day tours of Ireland and Scotland and our Scotland and Ireland Private Tours, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Browse Wild N Happy’s guided Ireland and Scotland Tours, and start imagining your dream trip. Our trips to Ireland and Scotland have been designed to offer deep, meaningful experiences in both countries. For some, a trip to Ireland and Scotland is a sort of Celtic homecoming as they visit the land of their ancestors. We take great joy in helping guests connect with their past and we encourage you to get in touch if you’d like to find out if our tours go to specific spots that are meaningful to you. Alternatively, you can simply check out the itineraries, but please know that we love to hear from anyone interested in coming to Ireland and Scotland! Plan your big once-in-a-lifetime Ireland and Scotland tour with Wild N Happy!

Top Ireland and Scotland Tours

Private Tour

Ireland’s Wild North – 8 Day Private Tour

8 days
Availability : Mar-Oct
Explore the wonders of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way on this 8-day private tour! You'll visit Galway, Inis Mor, Connemara, Westport, Donegal, the Giant's Causeway, and so much more.
Multi-Day Tour
County Mayo

Authentic Ireland Tour – 10 Days/9 Nights

10 days - Monday Departure
Availability : Mar-Oct
Explore Ireland's ancient past on this spectacular 10-day tour of Ireland. Starting in Dublin, we'll visit the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Dingle, and so much more!
Private Tour

Authentic Ireland – 11 Day Private Tour

11 days
Availability : Mar-Oct
Explore the wonders of Ireland on this 11-day private tour. Starting in Dublin, we'll visit the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Dingle and so much more!

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Multi-Day Tours

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Private Tours

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Self-Drive Tours

Ireland and Scotland Tour Experiences

cycling tour
26 tours

Bike Tours

Walking down busy Grafton Street in Dublin Ireland, the shopping district
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City Tours

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Cultural & Thematic Tours

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23 tours

Ireland and Scotland Vacation FAQs

Do I need a passport or a visa to travel to Ireland or Scotland?

UK and EU citizens are required to have a valid passport or a national identity card to enter Ireland. And the same goes for Irish citizens entering Scotland. Citizens of all other countries must have a valid passport.

Citizens of the EEA member states as well as other countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA are not required to apply for a visa to travel to Ireland. The full list of countries can be found here.

Prior to travelling to Ireland, citizens of all other countries should contact their local Irish Embassy or visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website for more information.

What currency is accepted in Ireland and Scotland?

In Ireland, we use the Euro as our currency. However, as part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland’s official currency is the British Pound. Scotland is also in the UK and uses the British Pound.

Is tipping customary in Ireland and Scotland?

Tips are not included in our tour price and tipping is entirely at your discretion. A guided price to tipping in Ireland and Scotland is generally between 10-15% of cost value. In taxis, it’s usually nice to round up to the nearest five, but it’s not expected.

What is internet access like in Ireland and Scotland? 

Internet access is quite good in both Scotland and Ireland.  Most B&Bs, hotels, cafés, pubs and tourist attractions across the country offer Wi-Fi access to their customers or visitors. 

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in Ireland and Scotland?

Mobile phone coverage is good in most parts of Ireland and Scotland. However, ensure your global roaming is fully activated before travelling to Ireland, so you can enjoy the benefits of your phone plan away from home. 

What are toilets like in Ireland and Scotland?

Toilets in Ireland and Scotland are modern and flushable. In addition to the public restrooms you can find in most towns and villages, some are also available in service stations and pubs.

Is smoking legal in Ireland and Scotland? 

In 2004, Ireland became the first smoke-free country in Europe. While smoking is prohibited in work and public places, it is however permitted in the street, in some hotel rooms, and in private accommodation. Scotland made a similar ban in 2006.

What will it cost for a…? 

All prices are approximate and may vary.


  • Pint of Guinness = €4.50
  • Public transport one-way ticket = €2.50
  • Cinema ticket = €7.50
  • Cappuccino = €3 
  • Pub meal = €15
  • Meal in mid-range restaurant = €30


  • Beer = £4
  • Public transport one-way ticket = £1.80
  • Cinema ticket = £10
  • Cappuccino = £2.80 
  • Pub meal = £15
  • Meal in mid-range restaurant = £55

Can I drink the water in Ireland and Scotland?

Tap water is considered safe to drink in most parts of Ireland and Scotland — especially in large cities and towns like Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Sterling. However, it is recommended not to drink from the bathroom sink.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Ireland and Scotland?

While most Irish stores and hotels accept major credit cards, smaller cafes, pubs and shops might require a minimum purchase amount. As a few of them do not accept credit cards at all, it is always a good idea to carry a little bit of cash.

In Scotland, most stores will accept credit and debit cards, and it’s illegal in the UK to charge you to use them. Some small stores won’t have card machines, though, so it’s good to have some spare cash — just in case.

What is ATM access like in Ireland and Scotland?

ATMs are common in Ireland and Scotland, they can generally be found outside banks, in grocery stores and in transit centers.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before travelling in Ireland and Scotland?

Our tours do not include travel insurance but we highly recommend travel insurance for all Wild N Happy tours. We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability before travelling. We accept no responsibility for the theft, loss or damage to personal belongings or liability for personal injury/death at any time during the duration of your tour. 


What public holidays are celebrated in Ireland and Scotland?


  • 1 January / New Year’s Day
  • 18 March / St Patrick’s Day
  • 13 April / Easter Monday
  • 4 May / Labour Day Day
  • 1 June / June Bank Holiday
  • 3 August / August Bank Holiday
  • 26 October / October Bank Holiday
  • 25 December / Christmas Day
  • 28 December / St Stephen’s Day

Here is a current list of public holidays in Ireland.



  • 1–2 January / New Year’s Day
  • 15 April / Good Friday 
  • 18 April / Easter Monday
  • 3 June / Platinum Jubilee bank holiday
  • 1 August / Summer Bank Holiday
  • 30 November / St Andrew’s Day
  • 25 December / Christmas Day
  • 26 December / Boxing Day

What is the weather like in Ireland and Scotland? 

We have a saying in Ireland ‘If you don’t like the weather just wait a minute’. Which means: expect to have four seasons in one day. And Scotland is very much in the same camp.

As Ireland’s weather is dominated by the Atlantic Ocean, as such we have far smaller temperature variations across the seasons than other countries this far north of the equator. Temperatures vary from an average of 8°C / 46°F in the winter to 19°C / 66°F in the summer. 

For more general weather information we suggest you visit  

Are there telephone information lines I can call? 

At this time, we only have the telephone numbers for the Ireland resources. There are a number of information lines run by the state agency, Failte Ireland, that can provide you with information on holiday destinations in Ireland. There is a line for each of the following countries, please use the corresponding one. 

  • Ireland: 1850 230 330 (all calls charged at local rates)
  • United Kingdom: 0800 0397000
  • USA: 800 223 6470
  • France: 01 53 43 1212
  • Canada: 1800 223 6470
  • French Belgians: 02 6739 940
  • French Swiss: 052 202 69 06
  • German Swiss: 052 2 02 6906/7
  • Italian Swiss: 052 2 02 6906
  • Sweden: 08 662 8510
  • Finland: 09 608 966
  • Denmark: 33 1580 45
  • Spain: 91 577 1787
  • Netherlands: 020 622 3101
  • Belgium: 02 673 9940
  • Italy: 02 869 0541
  • Norway: 22 56 33 10
  • Austria: 01 715 8317
  • Australia: 02 92996177
  • Germany: 069 92318550

What are the emergency numbers for Ireland?

If you are within the Dublin area you can omit the prefix 01 for any of the numbers below that have that prefix.

The emergency services can be contacted by telephoning 999. This number is accessible free of charge from any telephone and is the initial contact when requiring the Police (Garda), Ambulance, Fire Brigade or Lifeguard emergency services. 

The American Embassy can be contacted by telephone at 01/6688085.
The English Embassy at 01/2053700
The Australian Embassy at 01/6761517
The Canadian Embassy at 01/4781988 

The German Embassy at 01/2776100 or 0872211382 if the Embassy is closed.

The French Embassy at 01/2775000 or 0866031380 if the Embassy is closed.
Visa Credit Cards at 1800 558002
Mastercard Credit Cards at 1800 557378
American Express Credit Cards at 1800/626000 or 1800/709907
The national airline is Aer Lingus at 01/7052222

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