How to get from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre?

dublin airport to centre

Dublin Airport is approximately 10 km (6.2 Miles) north of Dublin City. There are a few different options of how to travel too and from the airport to the city. So depending on your budget, how much luggage you have with you, and the time your flight is arriving etc, you’ll have to make a decision what means of transport is best for you. 

The Bus

There are a few different companies that run buses from the airport to the city ( and other various stops). The two main companies are “ Air Coach” and “Dublin Bus (Airlink)”. Both companies have competitive prices, the general pricing seems to be €6 for a single ticket, and €11 for a return ticket.

The main difference seems to be that “Dublin Bus” also offer a deal which includes transfers to and from the airport, and a “hop on hop off” inner city ticket. So if you were interested in sightseeing around the city this might interest you. The pricing seems to be €23 for a single ticket and €27 for a return ticket. (I will include the link to the website, so I’d suggest reading what this deal entails and check to see if it’s exactly what you are looking for, as there are many companies that offer various sightseeing tours around the city)

Both companies run frequently, during regular hours you can expect buses every 10 to 15 minutes. And during the irregular hours you can expect buses at 30 minute intervals.

The estimated time of your journey from the airport to the city center will be 25 to 30 minutes.

You can book your tickets online in advance, or pay as you get onto the bus. ( make sure to have coins and small notes for this, as the bus driver may not have change for big notes) 

Dublin Bus


Usually there are a few taxis waiting at the airport, you can also use apps like “Uber”, “MyTaxi” and “ Hailo”, or just a simple google search for taxi numbers in the area.

Taxis from the airport to the city center generally cost €25 to €30. Some companies may slightly differ, also if it is very late at night, if it is a bank holiday weekend, and where exactly you are going in the city, might push the price up a bit.

I would suggest to tell your driver where you want to go and ask for a quote before hopping in, so you don’t get any surprises when you reach your destination. If the price is well above the general/average cost, it may be best tell them what you expected it to cost, or try a different company. There are meters in taxis here, so you should not be overcharged for your journey. 

Dublin taxi

Car Rentals

There are car rentals available for collection at Dublin Airport, you can book these on arrival, or book online beforehand. There are various companies,so you can shop around and see which offers the best deal for you. Some companies charge more for drivers that are under 30, but you can clearly see this on the website, so if you fall under that category, just keep an eye out for that.

Car rental

There are plenty of various styles of cars to choose from, the cheapest (smallest) starting at around €20 a day. So this might work out cheaper for you, if you are planning on driving yourself around the country. Just remember we drive on the left in Ireland!

Also just be aware that parking in Dublin can sometimes be difficult to find, and it can be costly, so if you do not have a car park in the place you are staying, you might want to hold off on renting the car until you are leaving Dublin. ( There is plenty of public transport options to get around the city).

~ Vicky