Wild N Happy Destination Spotlight:

Lahinch ( Leacht Ui Chonchubhair)

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With summer around the corner, Wild N Happy is gearing up for its travel pass customers. One stop you cannot miss is the wonderfully unique Lahinch.


Two and half hours north of Killarney, this is a destination worth stopping on your trip. Just 15 minutes away from the Cliffs of Moher, this town is often forgotten about it making it a peaceful  retreat away from the typical tourist destination. Tucked into Liscannor Bay, the beach at Lahinch will take your breath away as you come around the bend into town. The town and its residents will delight your senses through adrenaline-filling exercise, vibrant cultural sites, and  mouth-watering food. When you first step into town, take a minute to take in the salty, fresh air and expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean as a town of possibilities awaits you.


Lahinch has a reputation for being the ultimate surf destination in Ireland. While this beach has been known to attract professional surfers, don’t be alarmed if you are not an international surf sensation because the waves are beginner friendly and places like Ben’s Surf Clinic are here to help you learn and take your skills to the next level.

If you are interested in partaking in something that combines surfing with some brilliant Irish wind, kitesurfing is what you need to try. It’s a bit harder to find in Ireland, so take up the opportunity while it’s at your fingertips in Lahinch!

Surfer carrying board on Lahinch Beach, Co. Clare.
Surfer carrying board on Lahinch Beach Co Clare


Lahinch is home to several interesting cultural sites that are a must visit. To start, Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is a very special place. Built in 1425, this castle is the most complete medieval castle in Ireland and the folk park surrounding it replicates 19th century Ireland. It even has a village street set-up just as it would have been back in the day. This castle is about a 45 minute drive away and is well-worth the trip.

View of Bunratty Castle
View of Bunratty Castle

For a more somber but equally interesting attraction, the Ennistymon Famine Memorial is sure to leave a lasting impression on you. The potato famine was absolutely devastating for the Irish and this memorial does an excellent job of capturing how the Irish felt and what they went through during that time.

For a change of scenery, head to the Caherconnell Ring Fort where you will find this exceptionally well-preserved archaeological site. This area has a range of activities including tours of the ring fort, sheep herding demonstrations, and archaeology and geology schools. This site is in the Burren which is unlike any other landscape in Ireland.

View of Gealain Lough in the Burren, Co. Clare.
View of Gealain Lough in the Burren Co Clare


At this point you may be wondering, what about the food? What good is a coastal town without the some delicious seafood? Well Lahinch’s Wild Kitchen will eradicate any preconceived ideas about Ireland’s food options. This is not your normal kitchen. Upholding its eco-conscious ethos, this organization forages for all of its food and will even show you how to forage for your food for FREE. Discover and identify delicious, edible, wild plants like seaweed (did you know there’s multiple types of seaweed you can harvest?), mushrooms, garlic, and more. If you decide to take a cookery class, you will learn about seasonality, our fifth taste, and most importantly how to prepare these foraged foods in an impressive and tasty manner. Make sure to be in Lahinch on a Wednesday because every week there is a different workshop to learn from during the day.

A couple foraging for seaweed on the beach.
A couple foraging for seaweed on the beach

The long and short of it is you must travel to Lahinch. It surely won’t disappoint and it will end up being one of your favourite spots along the Wild N Happy Travel Pass!

~ Tara

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