Best Small Towns In Ireland For Authentic Local Experiences

Best Small Towns In Ireland For Authentic Local Experiences

Ireland is a big country with a big history. When you are on the plane to Ireland, you can see that there are few houses on the landscape. In fact, there are not many big cities in Ireland like Dublin or Galway. I suppose, there are many towns in this country, but they are small, and great if you are in search of local experiences, where you can learn a lot of Irish history.

To be far away from a big city with its noises of cars and coaches, you can go to Kinsale Co.Cork which is in the South of Ireland.

It is a good place to eat good seafood. You will find many restaurants that you will try and enjoy and it is amazingly beautiful !


One of the towns most famous in Ireland is situated on the Wild Atlantic Way, it is Dingle Co.Kerry.

This town has only 2 050 inhabitants and it is quite small. Fishing and agriculture are two of the main activities in this part of Ireland. So if you want to try seafood, it is also good and a great location to taste it. You will make another friend too, who is called Fungie the dolphin who has been here since 1983. It is a colorful town in which one will relax yourself.


We continue our selection speaking about Doolin Co.Clare.

Situated on the Atlantic coast, it is known for its Irish music, that you can listen to in one of the numerous pub with a pint of Guinness. It is a small town, but with many things to do. If you are a fan of history, this town is for you because of the many historical places from the Iron Age.


We are going to add to this list, the town of Kenmare, Co.Kerry.

Kenmare, with its location is known as the head of Kenmare Bay. If you like beer and seafood is one of your favourite dishes, you have to go here. But not only that..

If you have the book ‘Harry Potter’, you know that in the book it is mentioned that there is a Quidditch team in Kenmare ! ( You don’t know what is this one ? I have to invite you to see or read Harry Potter)

It is a little town, plenty of history.


Situated in Co.Galway, we are going to speak about Clifden.

If you want to be far away from the big cities again, this town is for you. In fact, with a population of almost 3 000, Clifden is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

So in a calm atmosphere, you will discover its beautiful castle. Actually, it is the capital of Connemara. If you like a town with a big history, don’t search anymore, this town is for you.


There are many other small towns for a very good local experience, so if you want to discover many of them, you can choose a tour, for a complete discovery of Ireland and its beautiful towns!

~ Tommy