5 reasons to travel to Ireland all year round

Oh Ireland! This green island lost on the edge of Europe is a real delight for the eyes and a land full of possibilities!

You will get an exhilarating experience on this Emerald Isle not only appreciated for its impressive landscapes and cliffs but also for the warmth of its inhabitants, its unique culture, music and dancing, and its picturesque villages.

This island is definitely worth visiting at any time of the year, whatever it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. Check out below our 5 reasons to travel to Ireland all read round.

web-Kylemore Abbey

1. The blossoming flowers during spring in the Burren

This season is perfect to wander around the beautiful gardens and discover the plethora of flowers blossoming there. Among these gardens, you should go to the Victorian walled garden at Kylemore Abbey, County Galway or those of Muckross Castle, County Kerry.

Take a boat tour along Killary fjord or give yourself an adrenaline rush at Killary adventure centre.

Visiting a national park in spring is a real delight for your eyes in this season as well: Killarney National Park is a great example of this.

beautiful roads of Ireland

2. A tempered climate and more live experiences during summer

Go away from the high temperatures from mainland Europe and come in Ireland for a refreshing and wonderful summertime.

Experience the Irish nights at the pubs and meet funny locals who will be delighted to make jokes and tell you some secrets about their country or participate in the frenzy of the different festivals. Westport Folk, Bluegrass Festival at Sligo and the Sea sessions Surf and Music Festival at Donegal are few samples of the exciting festivals going on summer.

Food lovers would be delighted to start the beginning of summer near Letterfrack, County Galway for Connemara Mussel Festival. This festival last 3 days and several attractions are set up between Tullycross and Letterfrack such as culinary workshops, cookery demonstrations from local chefs, sea foraging and tastings of fresh seafood.


3. A mysterious ambiance during Autumn

The mysterious ambiance begins in October with the opening of Halloween and its lot of legends, myths. To get a taste of how you live this Irish traditional feast, you can go to Derry to participate in the Halloween festival. This event is a must see and family-friendly. You will be stunned by the lightning that lighten up the streets and the imagination inhabitants have deployed to make an impressive disguise. Music, shows and great food are available at this period in Derry.

For a few euros, you can bring your family to the Carlow’s Rathwood Express, known for its santa train, which takes a seasonal twist until October 31st. Join Captain Jack and follow a treasure map to find Redbeard’s ship, just look out for Captain Hook on the way. The journey ends in the Pirate’s Pumpkin Patch with pumpkin carving.

Whale-watching season starting from Autumn and ending in winter. Seek for minke whales off the Cork coast until November and humpbacks and fin whales should visit later in the season. Dolphins and porpoises are more common around all our coastline.

Don’t miss the Connemara Sea Week and celebrate the marine heritage of the area. Expect kite making workshops, story and song nights, guided shoe walk, sean nos dance workshops, readings throughout the area. There will be three live weekend concerts in the Gothic church at Kylemore Abbey. A highlight is the fire-filled “After the light” parade which brings myth and magic to Letterfrack on Wednesday, October 25th at 7.30 pm.


4. A sparkling winter

The ereathal Mount Errigal, which presides of County Donegal, is perhaps at its most beautiful in the winter. There are a number of walks and hikes for outdoor adventurers of all experience levels, and Letterkenny, the nearest town, offers a range of other attractions and nice places to stay.

Attend the annual Newgrande celebration, one of the most famous winter solstice events in the world. If you visiting Ireland in December, this event is absolutely worth a try.

The Last Kingdom

5. Always different and everlasting memories

Once you will have spent some time in Ireland, you will consider it as your second home. You rarely live the same moments as you get to meet different people and if you are curious enough, try to discover other unexpected places or customs barely known by foreigners.