The Wild N Happy Foundation – Taking Responsible Tourism a Step Further

For Michael Crawley, Wild N Happy’s founder, it’s been a particularly wild and happy ride the last 25 years he’s spent in the tourism industry. Michael has something in common with a portion of the business owners and entrepreneurs who are attracted to travel, adventure, and experiencing new cultures: he has daydreamed about the idea of giving back and supporting communities around the world, ensuring tourism can be a force for good. The Wild N Happy Foundation is Michael’s effort to take the resources and connections he’s accumulated over the years, pivoting them into a practical and effective not-for-profit foundation designed to promote responsible tourism.

Michael wanted to discuss The Wild N Happy Foundation because he passionately believes in it, but he’s also a little worried that anything coming directly from him might sound a little too worthy, so we’ve asked him a few questions about the foundation and organised his answers below. And if you’d liked to know even more about this, check out our Wild N Happy Foundation blog.

What Exactly is the Wild N Happy Foundation?

The Wild N Happy Foundation is the not-for-profit for Wild N Happy Group Ltd.

It has been created to support local organisations that help promote and create better awareness of environmental, social, and economic impacts through sustainable projects

The Foundation’s Main Aim

The Wild N Happy Foundation aims to support sustainable projects that ​create educational opportunities. It is the perspective of global travel connecting meaningfully with local tourism. The intention is to leverage financial investment and education to…

  • Improve the lives of local communities
  • Promote and enhance understanding of cultural heritage
  • And raise awareness of ecological issues, highlighting how important it is for all communities to find solutions to these global problems.

The Wild N Happy Foundation’s projects are carefully designed and selected so that they adhere to strong responsible travel principles. This is something Wild N Happy will continue to define and clarify so that you know exactly where your donations are going, if you choose to support the foundation.

Why Support the Wild N Happy Foundation?

If you believe in responsible tourism in Ireland, looking out at the rest of the world, then you might like to support The Wild N Happy Foundation. Help us create beneficial educational opportunities that better the lives of local communities. Above anything else — this is what the Wild N Happy Foundation is all about. Considering supporting the foundation? Here are a few more reasons:

  • Promote and enhance understanding of cultural heritages — both in Ireland and further afield.
  • Create awareness of ecological issues and initiatives, conveying their importance to all communities.
  • The foundation covers all the administration costs, so your donation goes directly to these projects.
  • The foundation supports local sustainable projects directly and even the smallest contribution makes a huge difference.

Why Support Responsible and Ethical Tourism?

The Wild N Happy Foundation has been Michael’s ambition for a long time, which means it’s a thrilling time for him and the wider Wild N Happy team to finally make this announcement.

We recognize our duty towards providing Responsible and Ethical experiences ‘that create better places for people to live in, better places to visit and promote better educational opportunities’.

We equally understand that great product ideas may not always be the most appropriate form of local economic development. Therefore, before launching any of our tourism products we make sure that they adhere to our strict principles that include respecting local natural resources, cultural heritage and human values. We encourage our clients to be aware of their environmental, social and economic impact too.

We hope you’ll get in touch if you have any questions. Otherwise, click to learn more about The Wild N Happy Foundation and how you can get involved.

The Wild N Happy Foundation

Make a difference when you travel with us as with each booking you make directly with us we Give Back 3% through the Wild N Happy Foundation to carefully selected initiatives that promote a better planet.

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